The Salt Lake Soundcheck




The Salt Lake Soundcheck is the General Authority of local music in Utah. Beginning in 2003 with Helmut VonSchmidt, Metalhead Murphy, McNeil, The Salt Lake Soundcheck is currently hosted by Corky.

Corky – Strives to get the best local musicians and artists on the corporate airwaves, and to make The Salt Lake Soundcheck the best damn local music show in Utah. Period. Corky is the heart of the Soundcheck. He goes to more shows and concerts than you and your friends combined.

You can find Corky out at local shows, concerts and events. If you run into him, say hi and get ready for some Fireball.

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If you’d like to submit your music to the Salt Lake Soundcheck mail us a copy of your single, EP or album to the station.

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Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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