Dolly Parton turns 75

Happy birthday, Dolly Parton!

The beloved singer and humanitarian turns 75 on Tuesday, raising the question: What do you get for the woman who has given us everything from timeless music to big funding for a Covid-19 vaccine?

It looks like Tennessee may have beaten us to the punch with a proposal for a statue honoring her in her home state.

Parton deserves it and so much more.

She’s done it all, from reading bedtime stories virtually using books from Imagination Library, her program that mails free books to children, to standing in support of Black Lives Matter.

And Parton never stops creating.

Her recent Netflix Christmas movie (during the filming of which she reportedly saved her 9-year-old costar from being hit by a car) and duet with singer Barry Gibb are proof of that.

There seriously seems to be nothing this woman cannot do, and she continues to work way longer than 9 to 5.

So, on her special day, the most we can offer is blessings and best wishes for the woman who seems — and even looks — timeless.

To riff on one of her most famous lyrics, Dolly, we will always love you.


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