Mick and Allen


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Have you ever had a dream and then became it? That was me working in radio, but more importantly working here on KBER 101. I love doing radio. From the connection to the listeners to the ability to effect change in people’s lives. I have had opportunities to do things I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for working in radio.

When I was young I loved listening to the radio and was in ah at how smooth the DJ’s were and how much they knew about the bands and the songs. I liked them better than the music and I liked the music a lot. When I graduated from high school I started looking into what it would take to be on the air in radio. Started my first job doing the graveyard shift in Rock Springs, on an a small am radio station.  I do believe I was the worst DJ ever on the radio those six months.

I met Allen and started working with him 16 years later. Allen and I have been having a ball ever since.


What can we say about Allen Handy? He enjoys skinny skiing and going to bullfights on acid… wait, wrong bio although I’m sure he’d be willing to try! Allen is a native Utahn and went to the old Uintah Elementary before moving to Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, Saudi Arabia, Wisconsin, Colorado and California…whew! Then he came back to Utah to attend BYU and then to graduate at the University of Utah.

About that same time he got married, was singing in bands and started working at KBER 101… oh and also making little baby girls and girls and girls! As the past more than 20 crazy and amazing years of the Freakshow with Mick flew by he also got divorced and continued raising his daughters… with all the beautiful experiences teenage and older girls has brought. He’s now re-married to Amber and she brought daughter number 6 with her…here we go again!  After the show you can find him with his wife and girls at a Bees game, playing golf, BBQ’ing or at Beerhive downtown finding a tasty new beer or whiskey.  Cheers!