Crews Rush to Put a Fire Out Before Slayer Concert

KBER (Salt Lake City) — Before Slayer could take the stage, firefighters had to put out a fire in the lawn of USANA.

The fire took place in a mosh pit during the Lamb of God set.

“It was during the middle of their final song,” says KBER fan JD.
“There were two pits going on both sides of the lawn. The right side is where the fire started.”

JD says he saw people moshing around the fire.
Other witnesses say a person lite paper on fire and folks kept adding to it.

“When the song was over and Lamb of God exited the stage, firefighters and police rushed in to put it out,” JD added.

JD didn’t mention anyone being hurt but wishes Utahns wouldn’t start fires at concerts or at all during wildfire season.

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