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 Please just kill this woman!

She said she was ashamed that she traded her 11 year old daughter for sex to get heroine, but the judge pointed out that April Corcoran never offered an apology to the child.  Judge Leslie Ghiz said she’d have no mercy on Corcoran and sentenced her to 51 years to life during her sentencing.

 Corcoran, 32, pleaded guilty to multiple counts of complicity to rape, of human trafficking and child endangerment involving the child. Corcoran also admitted giving the girl heroine sometimes as a reward. The child vomited each time.

 You made selfish, horrible choices that will affect this little girl for the rest of her life.  I pray you are consumed by guilt and shape every day.  -VC


 Tiger Woods announced he will not compete this year despite making progress on his latest back injury.  This marks the first time in his career he will not compete in any majors since 1995. 


Sorry for letting you all know there are terrible humans like that Corcoran woman from our crime story.   

Good day,  -Victor Cade

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