The Keys to Success

Ken Garff and Mountain America Credit Union Present The Keys to Success

Our Mission

Motivate Utah elementary and high school students to advance academically by working with schools to reward educational accomplishments.

Our Vision

Achieve the highest reading scores in the country for elementary students and the highest percent of high school graduates pursuing post-high school degrees.

Our Values

Put Children First: Put our children, and their future, first.

Work Together: Unite and inspire families, teachers, administrators, and the community to work together to achieve meaningful and measureable academic improvement.

Character: Cultivate the development of character while adhering to the highest standards of integrity.

Commitment: Be relentless in our commitment to achieving our vision for Utah’s children.

Respect: Treat children and each other as unique and important individuals who matter.

Self Esteem: Create, and effectively administer, programs that build self-esteem in children.

The Keys to Success program is one of the programs of the Success in Education Foundation. Our programs are designed to motivate students in education through individual recognition so they feel a sense of accomplishment, building the foundation for future learning. Students in participating Keys to Success high schools earn rewards by improving academically or setting goals with their teachers. Additionally, Keys to Success is partnered with multiple universities, post-secondary educational institutions, and business sponsors to provide students with many scholarship opportunities. Over the past 10 years, the Keys to Success program has offered over 600 scholarships to Utah students, with a total value of well over half a million dollars. For information on current scholarship opportunities, see the scholarship page.

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